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Terms Of Use

Dear User, the following Terms of Use apply to this Website hereinafter:

("The Website") that is managed and operated by Digital Products Tech LLC (hereinafter: "The Operator ")  


The use of the Website, its content and the various services operating thereon confirms that you accept these Terms of Use, so please read them carefully.

The Website also includes content, the use of which is subject, in addition to these Terms of Use, to specific online agreements.


The Website's Terms of Use apply to the use of the Website and its content via any computer or other communication device (e.g. cellular telephones, all kinds of Personal Digital Assistants etc.). They also apply to the use of the Website, whether via the Internet or any communication network, or other means of communication.


The terms “Content” or “Contents” include any kind of information, including any verbal, visual, audio, audio-visual or any combination thereof, as well as the designing, processing, editing, distributing and displaying thereof, including (but not only): any picture, photograph, illustration, animation, drawing, image, imaging, sample, clip, sound and music files; any software, file, computer code, application, format, protocol, data base and interface and any note, sign, symbol or icon (hereinafter: "content/s").


The term User is subject to all the Users and/or readers that are using this Website (hereinafter: "The User ").


The Website and the essence and purpose


The Website is a platform that enables any user who signs up to the site, to rate, and write an opinion/review on digital products, such as: Apps, Websites, Software, Services, Blogs, Magazines and so forth.

Any user that does not sign up and is not a member of the site, can only view the content on the site without the ability to write opinions/reviews and submit ratings.


The Website also includes links to third party's websites that offer for sale such products, including an option to register to the mailing list in order to receive marketing offers.


Privacy Policy


The Operator respects the privacy of all Users of the Website, which he manages and operates, including this Website, for further information please review our private policy.

Sign Up Form, and members


Users are required to sign up to the website and become a member in order to submit ratings and write opinions/reviews on the website.


In the course of the registration you will be required to provide:


  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Create a Password


The sign-up process is done by filling up a sign-up form via the site’s “Login/Signup” button.


This information is then stored in the website’s Database, which relies on Wix infrastructure.


Wix privacy policy:


In order to complete the sign-up form, the user must “check” two “check-boxes”:


  • “I agree to the Privacy Policy”

  • “I agree to the Terms of Use”


Without checking these boxes, a user cannot complete the sign-up form process.


After inputting the information mentioned above, the user will then receive a verification Token to the email they have inputted in the sign-up form.


The user will then need to go to their email and click on the verification token send by:


For the verification process, we use the third-party service - SendGrid.


SendGrid is a Subsidiary of the parent company, Twilio. This means that SendGrid may also store first name, last name and emails, given by the users in the sign-up form.


Twilio Terms of Service:

Twilio Privacy Statement:


For more information - SendGrid Website:


After clicking the verification token in the email, the user will be directed back to the site and will be able to submit ratings, and write opinions/reviews on all of the products/services/blogs/magazines that are on the website.

The Use of the Website


You are entitled to use the Content of the Website according to the rules set forth herein. The Content of the Website may not be used otherwise, without the prior, explicit and written permission of the Operator and will be subject to the conditions of such consent, if granted:


  • The content of the Website is meant for personal use only. You may not copy and use, or permit others to use, in any other way, the content on the Website; including on other Websites, electronic publications, printed publications etc., for any purpose, whether commercial or non-commercial, which is not for personal and private use.


  • You may not run or permit the running of any computer application or any other tool, including crawlers, robots and similar software, in order to search, scan, copy or automatically retrieve content on the Website. You may not create or use such tools in order to create any compilation, collection or data base containing content from the Website.


  • You may not display any content from the Website in any visible or invisible frame.


  • You may not display any contents from the Website in any way – including by the use of any software, device, apparatus or communication protocol – which change their design or remove any Contents there from, in particular advertisements and commercial contents.


The present provisions do not derogate from any other provision herein and in the online agreements related to the services on the Website.


The Operator shall have no liability for any damage caused as a result of any link to the Website's content and any display or publication of such Contents in any other way. You bear complete and sole responsibility for any link to or display and publication of the content which you created, and undertake to indemnify the Operator for any damage caused as a result thereof.


Information Posted by the Website's Users

In every product/service/blog/magazine page (rating pages), there will be an "opinion/review section".


Note – the following applies to all members (users) that have signed up to the website, and must be logged-in, in order to have these functionalities available to them.


In every product/service/blog/magazine page, where you can rate the product/service/blog/magazine, you can also leave a written opinion/review.


You can submit an opinion/review only after submitting a rating to the same product/service/blog/magazine.


“Bad words” will be filtered out in the opinion/review section. Some words may still be offensive, that we did not cover via the filtering system. This process is automatic and is part of the website’s structure.


The written opinion/review of every user, will be seen on the site and will be visible to all users (members and non-members) of the site.


Written opinions/reviews can be seen at the “opinion/review section” under every product/service/blog/magazine ratings page, and also on the member’s profile pages, as the profile pages are all visible to all members and non-members of the site at all times.


Members can “like” any opinion/review they see on the site once they are logged in. Members can revoke the “like” they left for an opinion/review, if they choose to do so.


When writing an opinion/review, the opinion/review will be displayed alongside the members full name that the user signed up with and the rating that user submitted, will be displayed next the user name as well.

A “Badge” will appear in the opinion/review section of each member that submits a rating, next to the user’s name. (more on badges below).


Every opinion/review has a submission date, when publishing the opinion/review. This date will remain permanently.


Every member that submits an opinion/review, can, at any point and time, delete the opinion/review they wrote, and/or edit the original opinion/review. In the case a member chooses to edit their original written opinion/review, a new submission date will appear, with the word “Edited” next to it. This will happen so other users will see if the opinion/review was edited and when it was edited. Editing and deleting opinions/reviews can occur ether on the product/service/blog/magazine ratings pages themselves, or through the user’s Profile Page.


Opinions/reviews are restricted to a predetermine amount of characters users can write an opinion/reviews with. This amount can change throughout time without a notice. Currently the amount of characters is 200 characters for each written opinion/reviews.


In the case a member wants to delete an opinion/review they previously wrote, they can simply delete it. Once the opinion/review was deleted, a new opinion/review can be written, if the member chooses to do so.


If a member is deleted by the site administrators, all of the user’s data, in terms of the ratings and opinions/reviews, that user have left on the site, will remain on the site by default, unless the ratings and opinions/reviews of the user are removed manually by site administrators.


When a member is deleted, all of the information on the user’s profile page will remain on display in the website by default, unless the information is deleted manually, as mentioned above. This means that even after a member has been deleted, all other member and non-members can see, and will have access to all profile pages of the deleted users.


In any case that the filtering system has failed to prevent the writing of such content' the Operator shall bear no responsibility for such contents and the exclusive responsibility there for and for any consequence resulting there from shall be borne by the User who posted such contents. Such contents do not express the opinion or position of the Operator and its publication provides no guarantee as to its validity, authenticity, accuracy or legality.

When submitting information and content on the website (including and not limited to reviews, opinions, ratings and any other information a user posts on the website), you give your consent and authorization to the Operator to publish the information and/or the content, including the user name, review/opinion and rating (submitted by you) on social media platforms such as: Facebook, Instagram etc. and the Operator may use this information for marketing purposes as the Operator chooses too. The Operator has the right to share any review/opinion and rating as he chooses too regardless of its rating and written review/opinion. You will have no claim and/or demand against the Operator and you are waving in advance for any such claims.

When submitting information and content for posting on the Website, you bear full and sole liability for any consequence deriving from the posting. You must ensure that such contents are lawful. Among other things and for the purpose of illustration only, publication of the following on the Website is forbidden:


  • Any information you know to be false, misleading or fraudulent;


  • Any information infringing or violating proprietary rights of other parties – including copyrights or trademarks;


  • Any computer software, computer code or application containing a computer virus, including hostile programs known as Trojan horses, worms, vandals, malicious applications, etc.;


  • Any content constituting defamation of a person or violating his or her privacy or reputation;


  • Any content which personally identifies other people, who did not give their consent to the publication of their identity;


  •  Any content of a harassing, insulting, hostile, intimidating or crude nature;


  • Any content which exhibits or incites racism or discrimination based on ethnic or national origin, color, culture, religion, sex, occupation, sexual orientation, disease, physical or mental disability, belief, political view or socio-economic class;


  • Any content which contravenes accepted Internet code of practice or may cause damage or harm to Internet Users in general and the Website's Users in particular;



The Operator may delete any content you posted, whenever it finds that you have violated these Terms of Use or that you committed an act or an omission which harm or may harm the services provided on the Website, its Users, the Operator or anyone on its behalf. Moreover, the provisions of this paragraph supplement the rights of the Operator according to any law.

The Operator recommends that you treat the contents published on the Internet, including the contents posted by the Website's Users, cautiously and critically. Please treat such contents with precaution and prudence. Such contents are not posted on behalf of the Operator and it therefore bears no responsibility for the authenticity, reliability, accuracy or completeness thereof and shall have no liability for any consequence resulting from the use thereof or reliance thereupon. Please keep in mind at all times that such contents are no substitute for consulting with the professionals.


The Operator and the Website will not be responsible for any relationship or contact between third parties and the Users as a result of using this Website and such contact will bear liability between both parties only.


If you believe that content posted on the Website is defamatory under the law or otherwise violates your personal legal rights, please contact and report the Operator at:


Reporting massage of harmful content, including but not limited to harm of speech, privacy infringement, must include the following information:


The name, address, and electronic signature of the complaining party.

The materials, their Internet location and the reason for such an infringement.


The Operator will examine your notice and will act accordingly by these terms of use and privacy policy, if such content will remove from the Website as a result from such notice; you shall have no claim against the Operator.

Users' obligations and declarations


The following rules apply to the use of the Website by the User.

The Users agree that they will not:


  • Violate any applicable law or regulation in connection with their use of the Website.


  • Modify, adapt, translate, copy, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble any portion of Website or interfere with or disrupt the operation of the Website.                                              


  • Attempt to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of our network or to breach security or authentication measures without proper authorization.


  • Take any action that imposes, or may impose, in our sole discretion, an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure.


  • Scrape or collect content from the Website via automated means.


  • Submit, post, or make available false, incomplete or misleading information on the Website or otherwise provide such information, impersonate any other person or business.


  • Violates the rights of any party or infringes upon the patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other intellectual property right of any party; or, is libelous, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, lewd, indecent, inappropriate, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, abusing, harassing, threatening, bullying or otherwise objectionable.


  • The Users represent and warrant  that they own or otherwise control the rights to the content and any and all elements thereof; that they have the rights from any and all third parties appearing in such content to use such third parties’ names, images or likenesses and any other third party-owned elements as necessary in and as part of your submission of said Content; and that the submitted Content will not infringe or violate the rights of any third parties, including, but not limited to, copyrights, trademarks, rights of publicity/privacy, patent, trade secret or confidentiality obligations.


The Operator reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to choose any content to include or not include such content on the Website.


The Website is under no obligation to maintain the Website or any information, materials, content or other matter you submit, post, or make available to or on the Website.


The Website reserves the right to withhold, remove and or discard any such material.


Disclaimer of warranties and limitation of liability

The Contents the Website are offered for use “As Is”. They cannot be customized to fulfill the needs of each and every User .You shall have no claim, suit or demand against the Operator due to the features of the Contents, their capabilities, limitations, compliance with your needs or responses resulting (if any) from the publication of Contents on the Website.


Use of the Website, is, therefore, performed at your full and sole responsibility.


The Operator is not responsible for any use made by any third party of contents that you post.


You bear full and sole responsibility for any decision you may take in relation to Contents posted on the Website. The Operator does not guarantee that contents and services of third parties, including content and service providers, as well as Users, posted on the Website, are complete, correct, lawful or accurate or that they comply with your expectations and requirements. Therefore, the Operator has no liability whatsoever for any consequence resulting from the above or from the use of or reliance upon them.


Correct professional advice depends on the exact circumstances of each and every case. The Contents on the Website are not a substitute for such advice. This is true especially and in particular for Contents posted in communities and discussion groups. Such Contents are not a substitute for professional counsel, when needed.  Contents may sometimes reflect a certain approach or personal opinion. Therefore, they should be treated with the necessary caution. If you decide to rely on Contents posted on the Website or to act upon them, you bear full and sole responsibility for your actions and for the resultant consequences.


The Operator does not undertake that the Website's services shall operate without disruption or interruption or be provided regularly, function safely and without error, or be immune to unauthorized access to the Operator's computers or to damage, malfunctions, failures and defects – in hardware, software, communication lines and systems, at the Operator or at any of its providers.


The products and/or services categories on the website are being used in the internal system of the website only and they are not in order to define the original category and/or the type of products and/or services that the owner and/or seller displaying at their own websites. The user shall have no claim to the operator in respect of the classification and/or categorization made by the operator


The Rating Scale/System


The Operator developed a rating system that is composed of a scale of 5 options: Amazing, Worth It, Good, Usable, No Thanks, I’m Good.


The Rating Scale’s 5 options (Amazing, Worth It, Good, Usable, No Thanks, I’m Good) are merely our definitions for an ascending rating scale, for users to rate products / services / websites / software / blogs / magazines that are presented on the site. We have our own definitions for what we think each rating option means. This is our interpretation and can/may be interpreted differently among other users.

Users of the website can/may interpret these rating options however they would like to which may vary from user to user, and can express their feelings about the products / services / websites / software / blogs / magazines on the site via these rating options.


Products / services / websites / software / blogs / magazines can receive a “DigitalScore” (more on that below) that is presented via one of the rating scale’s options (Amazing, Worth It, Good, Usable, No Thanks, I’m Good), after calculating all submitted ratings, for each product / service / website / software / blog / magazine by the site’s code.


The “DigitalScore” is merely our definition of a “final” accumulating score that takes into account all of the submitted ratings from each product / service / website / software / blog / magazine, and is given automatically (via the percentages presented below – under section “DigitalScore”).


The “DigitalScore” is therefore an accumulation of ratings given by the site’s users and may change throughout time. Users should take into account that the “DigitalScore” and percentage may change, and so if a product / service or any other offer is purchased on the site by a user, that is based on the score that the product / service of any other offer has received at the time – the user should take these changes into account and make his/her own decision on the matter, before purchasing any product / service or any other offer on the site.

Members of the site can rate any product/service/blog/magazine they want on the site via this rating scale.


The data is collected and the total amount of ratings for each product/service/blog is displayed on each page.


The ratings are gathered and a percentage of the sum of ratings is displayed, the scale works as follows:


The options on the rating scale are calculating the results based on the following factors:


Whenever a product/service/blog/magazine receives a rating, that rating is then multiplies by a 1-5 scale number:


Amazing: multiplies by 5

Worth It: multiplies by 4

Good: multiplies by 3

Usable: multiplies by 2

No Thanks, I’m Good: multiplies by 1


And then the following calculation takes place:

Example: Let’s say a product/service/blog/magazine has the following ratings:


Amazing (5): 600 ratings

Worth It (4): 200 ratings

Good (3): 80 ratings

Usable (2): 20 ratings

No Thanks, I’m Good (1): 28 ratings


So, the total score is (multiplied): 3,000 (Amazing) + 800 (Worth It) + 240 (Good) + 40 (Usable) + 28 No Thanks, I’m Good) = 4,108


The potential “best” score of percentage this example could have achieved, would be (600+200+80+20+28=928, sum of all submitted ratings):


928 (Ratings) X 5 (Max Score) = 4,640

And now: 4,108/4,640 = 0.88 = 88%


So, the way we calculate the percentage is by taking the potential “best” amount of ratings a product/service/blog/magazine can potentially receive, and divide it by the actual ratings the product/service/blog/magazine has received = which gives us the total percentage.


Digital Score


A “Digital Score” is the name we give, to the final score that is calculated via the percentage, meaning the “Digital Score” will appear next to all product/service/website/blog/magazine percentage, automatically via the following outcome:


Amazing = 100%-80%

Worth It = 80%-60%

Good = 60%-40%

Usable = 40%-20%

No Thanks, I’m Good = 20%-0%

Every product/service/website/blog/magazine will receive a “DigitalScore” and percentage, only after the product/service/website/blog/magazine receives more than 50 total ratings, or more than 50 total ratings.


A “top 10” scale (pie chart) will showcase the top products/services/websites/blogs/magazines in its subcategory.

“Top 10” are simply the product/service/blog/magazines that have the highest percentage out of all other product/service/blog/magazines in its subcategory.


In order to appear on the “Top 10” scale (pie chart) a product/service/blog/magazine must have a minimum of 50 total ratings (any ratings). This is to insure that product/service/blog/magazine with less than 50 ratings appear on the scale, which may be unbalanced (due to the fact that other product/service/website/blog/magazines may have more than 50 ratings, and can appear at the bottom of the scale compared to other product/service/blog/website/magazines that receive, let’s say, only 1 “Amazing” rating, which via the calculations, will put it in first place).


This process of having a minimum of 50 total ratings (any ratings) happens under the subcategory pages as well, when it comes to the placement of the product/service/website/blog/magazine.


The name of every product/service/blog/magazine will be displayed under every subcategory, next to it the percentage outcome will appear, alongside the “Digital Score” of the product/service/website/blog/magazine page.


The percentage outcome placement of the product/service/blog/magazine page will also affect the way they are displayed under subcategory pages (in ascending order 1,2,3,4….), and may change throughout time.


The placement of every product/service/website/blog/magazine on the subcategory pages, and on the pie charts, is dependent on the parentage outcome that the product/service/website/blog/magazine has received – given by the website users.

Description Data - Apps, Websites, Software, Services, Blogs, Magazines


All of the description data on the site as for the apps services websites software blogs and magazines are provided by open sources on the internet and/or directly from the apps services websites software blogs and magazines owners themselves and/or any other open sources on the world wide web.


The information may not represent the full essence of the product / service/ website / blog / magazine, and it is the User's responsibility to verify the information about that service / product / blog / magazine before rating it, writing an opinion/review about it, and / or buying / using the services of the same product / service / website / blog / magazine and / or draws conclusions about the same product / service / website / blog / magazine that appears on the site.


The descriptions of all product / service / website / blog / magazine are typically short and they do not cover the full features and/or services and/or capabilities etc. of each product / service / website / blog / magazine presented on the site, every given time.


The site does not intend to mislead users / consumers, the site also does not intend to damage the good name of any of the products / services / websites / blogs / magazines that appear at the site.


if the information displayed about any product / service / website / blog / magazine appears to be misleading/ defective or anything else that offends, you can contact us at  and we will do our best to change the information and / or remove it from the site at the request of the owners of the products / services / websites / blogs / magazines.


In some cases, some products / services / websites / blogs / magazines may appear in different categories and subcategories under Apps, and the rest of the website. Meaning, Apps have certain types of subcategories, which are different than other subcategories under other categories in the website, and so products / services / websites / blogs / magazines that have apps, may appear twice of the website under different categories and subcategories.


The segregation of products / services / websites / blogs / magazines to the different categories and subcategories is made by the site administrators and by the administrators’ decisions. The placement of the products / services / websites / blogs / magazines under certain categories and subcategories may not fully represent the products / services / sites / blogs / magazines as in some cases the products / services / websites / blogs / magazines can fit under a different category and /or subcategory on the website.


Links on the Website


The Website provides links to various pages on the Internet.

Such links may direct you to a various content on the Internet. Most of the content is not published by the Operator or on its behalf and the Operator does not control or supervise such content.


The fact that the Website contains links to such content does not indicate that the Operator consents to such content and does not provide any guarantee of their authenticity, correctness and lawfulness and the practices of the owners of such content on privacy matters and in any other aspect related to their operation.


You may find that such content does not correspond to your needs or that you object to their content or consider them to be aggravating, annoying, improper, illegal or immoral.


The Operator is not responsible for the contents to which the links lead and is not responsible for any consequence resulting from your use thereof or reliance thereon.


The Operator does not warrant that the links in the Website will function properly and lead you to an active Website. The Operator may remove links from the Website or refrain from adding new links, at its sole discretion.


The Website may include commercial contents, such as advertisements, that are posted on behalf of various advertisers or Users, who seek to offer goods or services for sale. Such contents may be expressed by texts, images or sounds.


The Operator shall bear no responsibility for commercial contents post on the Website.

The Operator does not write, check, verify or edit the content or the correctness of such advertisements. The advertisers bear sole responsibility for any commercial content and for any consequence resulting from the use of such contents or from reliance upon them.


The posting of commercial contents on the Website does not constitute a recommendation or an encouragement to purchase the services or the goods that are offered for sale.

Any transaction made further to commercial contents posted on the Website shall be negotiated directly between yourself and the relevant advertiser.


The Operator shall not be a party to any such transaction and it shall bear no responsibility for the goods and services offered in or purchased based on the commercial contents on the Website.


The operator may participate in third parties affiliate programs, and he may earn a profit from the purchase between you and the third party, both affiliates and/or advertisers,  in this case it is the solely responsibility of the User to read the third party's terms and conditions and/or affiliate program conditions.

Intellectual Property


Any copyrights and intellectual property in the Website, in the services offered thereon and, in any Content, contained therein (except for contents posted by you and by other Users of the Website) are the exclusive property of the Operator or a third party who authorized the Operator to make use thereof.


You may not copy, distribute, display in public, perform in public, make available, change, arrange, create derivative works, sell or lease any of the aforesaid, whether by yourself or through or jointly with any third party, by any means or device, whether electronic, mechanical or optic, photographic or recording, or in any other way, without the prior written consent of the Operator or the other right-holders, as the case may be and subject to the conditions of such consent (to the extent given). This provision shall also apply to any arrangement, editing or translation made by the Operator in relation to any content that you entered in or posted on the Website.


If and to the extent that such consent shall have been given, you shall not remove, delete or distort any intellectual property sign, e.g. the copyright sign © or the trademark sign ®, affixed to the contents you will use.


Trademarks and advertisements of advertisers on the Website are the exclusive property of these advertisers. You may not make any use of any such trademarks and advertisements without the prior written consent of the relevant advertiser.


The Operator does not claim title to contents you post on the Website. However, by posting contents on the Website you represent that you hold all the rights in the contents and that you are entitled to post them. If you are not the author or the right-holder of the contents you post, then you represent that you are duly authorized by the right-holder to post the contents on the Website and to grant rights of use as specified below.



Profile page


Notice for members – The Operator may delete any member, or/and erase any written opinions/reviews at any time, without notice.


This may happen as a result of not meeting the Terms of Use of the site and/or any other reason that the site owner thinks is a reason for erasing or deleting a user.


When a user is deleted, that user’s opinions/reviews and ratings are not erased automatically, and they will remain visible to all other members and non-members of the site both on the user's profile page and on the ratings pages. Profile pages do not erase automatically when a user is deleted from the site.


The Operator and/or any of his representatives can erase the deleted user’s opinions/reviews and profile page, if needed, as a result of not complying with the Terms of Use.


The ratings will remain and will not change. Once a product/service/blog/magazine was rated, the ratings will not be changed, deleted or erased from the site, and the statistics of each product/service/blog/magazine, will not be affected by the act of deleting of a member.

A profile page will be given to any and all signed up users (members).


The Profile Page will contain data that the member will input throughout the site and will be visible to all website visitors, including signed up members, and non-members of the site.

To access a member’s profile page, one must click on the member’s name or “badge” on any given “opinion/review section” on the site, next to that user’s written opinion/review and a new tab will open with that member’s profile page.


Every user that signs up has access to their own “My Profile” page.


In this page any member can edit and /or delete their own previously written opinions/reviews and see all of the other data every other user can see.


A “Badge system” is also a part of the member’s data. Badges are given to all new members. Badges are given automatically to any member that has the following parameters:


  • If a member has 0 – 50 submitted ratings AND 0 – 50 written opinions/reviews they get the “gray” colored badge, under the title of “Novice”


  • If a member has 50 – 100 submitted ratings AND 50 – 100 written opinions/reviews they get the “pink” colored badge, under the title of “Proficient”


  • If a member has 100 + submitted ratings AND 100 + written opinions/reviews they get the purple colored badge, under the title of “Veteran”.


The above-mentioned badges and titles are merely a recognition of the amount of submitted ratings and written opinions/reviews given by a member. Badges do not reflect the quality and/or the actual content of the user’s opinions/reviews and submitted ratings. Any member, at any badge or title, has the same access and functionalities that any other member has on the website, regardless of their badge and title.


The data displayed on the Profile page:


  • The member’s full name (first name and last name given on the sign-up form)

  • The member’s “badge” and “title”

  • The full sign-up date of the member (“Member since:”)

  • The total amount of the submitted ratings that the member has submitted (a number will show the total count).

  • The breakdown of the total amount of submitted ratings, via the rating options (Amazing, Worth It, Good, Usable, No Thanks, I’m Good”) - (a number will show the count for each rating option).

  • The total amount of written opinions/reviews, written by the member (a number will show the total count).

  • The opinions/reviews will be segregate into two separate categories – “Apps, Services, Websites, Software” and Blogs & Magazines”. Users can switch between the two options to see the written opinions/reviews under each category.


A “selection tag” option is available to any user, in which the user can use to segregate opinions/reviews via the rating that the member submitted.


All of the member’s written opinions/reviews will be displayed on the Profile Page, and will be visible to all member and non-members of the website.


Through the member’s page and the member’s written opinions/reviews, any user can access the product/service/blog/magazine that the member wrote an opinion/review about, by clicking on a “Rate & Review” button that is displayed on each written opinion/review, next to the product/service/blog/magazine name.





You undertake to indemnify the Operator, its employees, managers or anyone on its behalf, for any damage, loss, loss of profits, payment or expense they will incur – including legal fees and trial costs – due to the violation of these Terms of Use.


Furthermore, you will indemnify the Operator, its employees and managers or anyone on its behalf, for any claim, suit and/or demand made against them by any third party as a result of your use on the Website.



Changes in the Website and Termination of Services


The Operator may, from time to time, change the structure, display and design of the Website and the scope and availability of the services offered, charge payment for such services at its discretion and change any other aspect related to the Website – all without any need for prior notification.


Such alterations shall be performed, among others things, while taking into account the dynamic nature of the Internet and the technical and other changes which may occur from time to time.


You will have no claim, suit and/or demand against the Operator as a result of the execution of such changes and/or of malfunctions deriving from their execution.


Without derogating from the aforesaid, the Operator may terminate all or part of these services from time to time without primer notice.



Upon termination of the services, the Operator will not store the material contained on the Website all of the data and/or part of the data, including the User's data will be deleted immediately with no further notice.



Applicable law and Jurisdiction


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The arbitration shall take place in the city of Tel - AVIV. The arbitrator shall not be bound by the rules of civil procedure but shall be bound by the law of evidence and substantive law. The arbitrator shall give reasons for his decision.


This section constitutes an arbitration agreement between the Website and his Users for all intents and purposes.

Subject to and without derogating from the aforesaid, in any matter that does not fall within the jurisdiction of the arbitrator, or any matter in which this arbitration agreement does not apply, for any reason whatsoever, exclusive jurisdiction shall lie with the competent court in TEL - AVIV district in Israel.


Any dispute which may arise between the Users and/or any other third party (except the Website), including disputes concerning usage of the Website and/or concerning these Terms of Use, shall be brought to a court or arbitrator according to the applying law or the consent of the parties.



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